The first book, THE BIRTH- describes the birth of the young colt and the satanic plot to kill him being carried out by members of the 'Celestial Enlightenment Family.' The CEF is given information by their Master, Lord Wizard Star, about the colt's birth and his destiny. They will stop at nothing to kill him. He is born into an era in the United States when Christians are targeted and persecuted for their faith. The Lord of Horses is chosen by God for Jesus to ride as He leads the armies of heaven in the future Battle of Armageddon. He is given the name 'Shekinah' and eventually told that his mission on earth is to win the horses of earth over to God's side and to prepare for the inevitable battle against the horses that will choose to ride for evil


In the second book, THE GAMBLE -Shekinah is discovered and rescued by a thirteen-year-old girl named Brittany. She just happens to be the daughter of Angelo Gaudino, personal friend of Lord Wizard Star and the head of the CEF plot to find the colt and destroy him. Brittany secretly brings the colt back to her father's ranch where he is given the best of care, training and love. God protects the colt by only allowing true Christians to recognize that he is pure white. The girl takes personal responsibility for raising him and forms an unbreakable bond of love and trust with him.


The third book, THE REBELLION - Satan's rage against the Lord of Horses is fueled by God's protection of the defenseless colt. The furious demon retaliates by unleashing legions of satanic spirits of rebellion to the Mon Valley and the brutal death of the Lord Wizard for failing to find the chosen colt. World famous pop icon, Samantha Skulley positions herself nicely with Satan by assisting in the Wizard's death. The evil revolt spreads across the Mon Valley and destroys Angelo Gaudino's gambling empire, the betrayal of Brittany's closest friend, and the cruel death of the beloved horse, Wonder Boy, Shekinah's old friend and mentor. Brittany secretively begins her journey of faith, afraid of her father's wrath and her school friend's disapproval. Her new Christian friends help her to break free from her fears and she begins leading her teen-age friends to Christ, but not without paying a painful price.


In the fourth book, THE MESSENGERS - Three strange beings appear foretelling messages of the future and revealing secrets of the past to Matt, Brittany, Angelo and Shekinah. Far away from their safe surroundings they are drawn into dramatic searches for centuries old treasures. Together they come face to face with their most dangerous challenges. Shekinah, now a noticeable strong and beautiful stallion, begins his mission. Shekinah starts to speak to the other horses on the Gaudino ranch trying to convince them to ride with him when Jesus returns. Many horses remain skeptical until Shekinah reveals to them his true white color. Following that, many of the horses are convinced he really is 'The Lord of the Horses' as foretold by their ancestors, and they agree to follow him. There is, however, one drawback. Not all are convinced.


In the fifth book, THE BATTLE CRY- The Lord of the Horses makes it his mission to see that every horse around the world has a chance to ride in the great end time army with Jesus Christ. High Priestess, Samantha Skulley, has bequeathed upon Epona, the white horse of the apocalypse, 'Goddess of all Horses.' With this scheming plot she believes they will rule the world and deny Jesus from ever returning on the Lord of the Horses. Angelo Gaudino is cleverly deceived by Skulley into competing in a winner takes all horse show. Confident in her ultimate triumph, Skulley has assembled the dreaded horses of the middle earth to carry out her violent death wish for Shekinah, the reigning Lord of Horses. Forced into humiliating circumstances, the Lord of the Horses faces his greatest foe - death. But God has another plan.